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Today much is said about the male Libido. Some people equate the meaning of this word to the word "virility", but actually it is not quite right.

Women from afar may feel men with a high Libido and the unconscious dream of a relationship with them

Potency – it is a physical ability to have sexual intercourse is to be exercised, during the Libido is a bit more subtle, which is beyond the physical world. Libido you can not touch, can only feel, feel, and the more of this feeling, the higher the Libido.

Due to the Libido can be called, is a prerequisite for the potency, Libido, as the locomotive that pulls the Rest of the sexual sphere in the life of a man. Women from afar may feel men with a high Libido and the unconscious dream of a relationship with them.

Girl invites communication with men with a high Libido, which is why men with high Libido example, enjoyed unprecedented success with women, and often is not dependent on external data and financial status.

What uncle Freud said Libido

The concept of the Libido, the well-known psychotherapist Zygmunt Freud led. It is known, it is generally interested in questions of gender, and even brought a whole theory about him, the long studied at the universities and in the meetings of the psychologists.

Freud believed that the laying of the Foundation stone of Libido happens in early childhood, when the child alternately is interested in parts of one's own body and the mother's body – her Breasts, her Anus and later on your genitals. Further, more or less educated Libido leads through three stages – Platonic, erotic, sexual.

After all these transformations, the finished Libido, harmoniously developed and functioning get. But the world is not perfect, and sometimes the development of the Libido is on the desired scenario, and then very unpleasant changes in the lives of men – come decreases Libido.

Reasons for the decline in Libido

The first time, when the Libido drops, man can not fully understand. The obliteration of interest in the opposite sex and the desire for Sex is reduced.

Conflicts with his partner can be the cause for reduction of Libido

You can without his girlfriend or wife blame to say that it is not more exciting, but it is not in your. With decreased Libido, change of partner is not bring nothing but disappointment, so you should as a matter of urgency the revival in his Libido.

Reasons for the decline in Libido can include: Stress, the emotional turbulence, conflicts with his partner, no conditions for a pleasant sexual intercourse, severe diseases, ingestion of drugs, drug abuse, inflammation of the reproductive organs, psychological discomfort, the long absence of sexual relations, physical exhaustion.

In these cases, there is not only diminished interest in Sex, no fantasies, Masturbation, reluctance watching erotic movies, etc. Already in this Phase, should strongly influence the Situation and bring it under control. Syrup for enhancement of male Libido – LongUp – here is what will help restore the Libido.

How LongUp increases Libido

Syrup LongUp to improve male Libido, a return to his former desire that helps. The Tool created on the Basis of natural extracts, its application has no impact on other organs and systems. On average, the Sex from 1 to 5 times per week are men, but after the application of the indicators to increase in 1,5-2 times.

How often do men have Sex
Age The number of sexual intercourse in the week before taking LongUp The number of sexual acts in the week after taking LongUp
17-20 5-6 7-10
20-25 4-5 6-9
25-35 3-4 5-7
35-50 2-3 3-6
Older than 50 1-2 2-4

The effect of the syrup directed to clear – it only affects the Libido. After a few Tricks, you will feel the changes, and after the completion of the course, you are fully recapture the lost Lust.

Interesting Fact. American scientists believe that the barefoot – an excellent remedy to increase the Libido. The fact that in the feet points, the drive for the sexual lie. They also explain the occurrence of large quantities of cure-novels.

Syrup LongUp an aphrodisiac, the history of its creation goes something to the Bedouin, the means used for maintaining the health of men. Later the recipe changed to Italy, the personal physician of the well-known policy of Mussolini, and to spread all over Italy and other countries of Europe.

From what syrup is LongUp

Medium LongUp contains only natural ingredients, among which is herbal extracts and vitamins. In the composition contains:

All components are carefully balanced and mounted in the optimal proportions. The use of the funds has a positive effect on your health.

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The advantages of the use of the funds LongUp
The natural basis of syrup marked LongUp in comparison to other medicinal products. LongUp – the best remedy because:
Efficiency Tools based on the use of aphrodisiacs. The drug improves the condition of the organism and increases the overall tone. Syrup to improve male Libido LongUp already helped to get thousands of men around the world of Sex desire and power to implement.

What results to expect

You can taste the syrup LongUpThe results of the syrup LongUp taking care of your health and in addition saturates the body with vitamins. The effect of the drug shows the following results:

Libido is restored, you simply return to a harmonious and fulfilled life, but also improve your health due to the high content of Vitamin. LongUp - long joy and confidence in their own abilities!

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Evaluation of the physician

Dr. Urologist Mario Mario
19 years
Decreased Libido is always in front of problems with the potency and health of the genitourinary tract. Normal desire and sexual activity natural prevention of Prostatitis, adenoma and other diseases. Syrup LongUp a positive effect on the Libido, so I recommend it in the first place. The Tool can be used, and prior to the occurrence of problems with the male function, but prevention is the best treatment. LongUp does not contain in its composition only natural components, analog syrup in Italy. Application syrup to improve the easiest way to male health.